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Satcitananda Kriya Yoga


Lineage of the Kriya Yoga Masters

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Mahavatar Babaji   

Shri Lahiri Mahashaya
(1828 – 1895)

Swami Shriyukteshwar Giri
(1855 – 1936)

Paramahamsa Yogananda
(1893 – 1952)

Paramahamsa Hariharananda
(1907 – 2002)

Satcitananda Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice that has been passed down through generations of enlightened masters. It is a powerful tool for self-transformation, allowing individuals to connect with their inner selves and the divine energy that flows through all things.

Satcitananda Kriya Yoga is a comprehensive system of meditation, breathing exercises, and spiritual discipline that aims to awaken the inner energy and lead practitioners to a state of deep inner peace, joy, and harmony. It is a path of self-realization that can help us to discover our true nature and our highest potential.

The practice of Satcitananda Kriya Yoga involves working with the subtle energies of the body, using a series of powerful techniques to balance and harmonize these energies, and ultimately, to awaken the dormant energy at the base of the spine. This awakening can lead to a profound spiritual experience, allowing practitioners to access higher states of consciousness and to tap into the infinite wisdom and love of the universe.

Satcitananda Kriya Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a deeply spiritual one that requires discipline, dedication, and a sincere commitment to inner growth and transformation. Through regular practice, we can cultivate greater awareness, compassion, and connection with the divine, leading to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

How to practice Satcitananda Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga is an ancient spiritual practice that has been passed down through generations of masters in the yoga tradition. It is a powerful tool for self-realization, enabling one to connect with the divine and experience the true nature of their being. If you are interested in practicing Satcitananda Kriya Yoga, here are some steps to get started:

  • Find a teacher: Satcitananda Kriya Yoga is a complex practice, and it is important to have a qualified teacher who can guide you through the process. Kriya Yoga is based on Guru (Teacher) – Shishya (Student) relationship.
  • Prepare your body and mind: Satcitananda Kriya Yoga involves a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques. It is important to prepare your body and mind for the practice by engaging in regular yoga asanas, pranayama, and meditation.
  • Learn the techniques: Satcitananda Kriya Yoga involves a series of techniques that are designed to purify the body and mind and awaken the spiritual energy within. These techniques include breath control, meditation, and mantra repetition. Your teacher will guide you through the process and help you to develop a consistent practice.
  • Practice regularly: Like any spiritual practice, Kriya Yoga requires regular and consistent effort. It is important to set aside time each day for your practice, whether it is early in the morning or later in the day. As you develop your practice, you will begin to experience the benefits of Satcitananda Kriya Yoga, including increased peace of mind, improved physical health, and a deeper connection with the divine.
  • Live your practice: Kriya Yoga is not just something that you do on the mat or cushion. It is a way of life that involves living in a state of awareness and mindfulness. As you deepen your practice, you will begin to see the world in a different light and experience a greater sense of purpose and meaning in your life.

With dedication and effort, Satcitananda Kriya Yoga can be a transformative practice that leads to greater spiritual awareness and a deeper connection with the divine.

Satcitananda Kriya Yoga Program Details

Satcitananda Kriya Yoga Meditation:

Learn the meditation that is based on ancient spiritual practice and has been passed down through generations of masters in the yoga tradition.

Yoga Asana:

Asanas have been designed in such a way that it will rejuvenate yourself, make you flexible, de-stress you and give you a higher clarity of mind. Starting from simple to advanced asana you will master the ancient art of yoga from our very experienced and qualified yoga teachers.

Divine Healing:

Is the amalgamation of both ancient & modern healing techniques. During 3 days of Healing Sessions – skill the techniques & become a self-healer. You will discover the Inner power of your soul & enhance the flow of divine energy within you that will shepherd good luck, inner peace, contentment & prosperity in your life.

Laughter therapy:

Laughter yoga (Hasyayoga) is a modern exercise which will induce spontaneous laughter. Research results showed that you don’t really need a reason to be happy and laughing, however laughter provokes release of serotonin in your body – that makes you happy.

Highlights of the Retreat

Accommodation in a comfortable luxury room.

Deep Satcitananda Kriya Yoga Meditation & Crystal Healing session with insightful discourse on life lessons

  • Ancient Yoga Sessions by well qualified experts
  • Restorative Yoga for Physical & Mental Health
  • Laughter Yoga Therapy
  • Personal guidance and support throughout the retreat
  • Fun loaded afternoons with Recreational & mindfulness activities


  • Cooking Session
  • Breakfast included (whole retreat)


  • Lunch & Dinner NOT included

  • Alcohol NOT allowed


Day 1

Friday 09th June 2023

  • 03:00 pm Check in at the reception
  • Welcome introduction
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Pranayama & Yoga
  • Beautiful Discourse by Master (This will prepare you for next morning meditation) and Q&A

Day 2 & 3

Saturday 10th  &  Sunday 11th June 2023

  • Deep meditation followed by beautiful discourse & experience sharing
  • Restorative Healing Sessions (learn the art of intention & energy)
  • Mindfulness activity
  • Extensive yoga & pranayama sessions by our expert yoga teacher
  • Joyful Laughter sessions with Music
  • Goodbye & Keep practicing Sachchidananda Kriya Yoga

Satcitananda Kriya Yoga Meditation Center in Amsterdam

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