Eternal Youth Program

Eternal Youth

Eternal youth by Divine Soul Yoga is a holistic life-altering meditation and healing technique that unleash the secret to everlasting youth. This age rejuvenation program is a modern scientific discovery and beautiful ancient science that helps renew your body inside out biologically, followed by meditation, yoga, laughter therapy & crystal healing at the deep cellular level.

Youth is a sign of blissful enthusiasm. You’re only as old as you feel. No matter what your age, you can accomplish lifelong goals, help your community, and embrace life with enthusiasm. The main key to youthfulness is youthful energy. This program enables you to always stay younger at heart and empower the youth within you in such a way that every day becomes a blessing for you.

An eternal youth program is a comprehensive approach to ageing that purifies the mind and body from deep within, using the wisdom of your inner spiritual intelligence. Our soul is the only natural source of healing the body. However, the most fundamental unit of the human body is the cell. A commonly used reliable marker for cellular ageing is the length of telomeres, the DNA and protein caps that protect the ends of each chromosome during cell division. As we age, our telomeres shorten naturally until the cell can no longer divide anymore. This increases ageing in the body and is associated with various age & DNA related diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, dementia or even autoimmunity.

At the eternal youth program, we aim to heal our body at the deep cellular level by awakening the soul, the higher state of consciousness. Healing at the deep cellular level means releasing old, dense energy, which improves the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self, keeping you in the state of eternal bliss.


Let’s dive into the science of spirituality & shift your ageing clock with the Divine Soul Yoga Eternal Youth Meditation & Healing Program.

Salient features of the program:


Bliss love Meditation

Various research study states that compassion & Love leads to longer telomeres. The bliss love meditation fills Love and compassion in ourselves and promotes longevity & everlasting youthfulness. One feels loved due to the release of an exceptional hormone called Oxytocin. It is also known as the love hormone. While doing this bliss love meditation, there is an abundance of oxytocin release in our body, and we experience Love, compassion and bliss in our hearts. Master Dr Deepak Mittal specially curates this meditation from his spiritual experiences.


Divine Healing

It is a beautiful amalgamation of both ancient & modern healing techniques. Wouldn’t it be nice if you learn these exciting techniques & become a self-healer? You will discover the Inner power of your soul that heal your body at the deep cellular level. The beauty of this unique healing technique is that it boosts your body’s natural defence mechanism leading to revitalizing & regenerating cells & ultimately gifting you with an ageless body.

Laughter therapy

Are we missing a vital thing from our lives?? Yes, our Laughter!! Laughter yoga (Hasyayoga) is a modern exercise that helps induce spontaneous laughter in you. Laughter is said to remove oxidative stress, one of the main responsible factors behind ageing. So join us for a burst of laughter with crazy fun-filled movements & activities, and be happy throughout the day!! Laughter Yoga brings out the child in you, makes you naturally a happy person & helps you remain youthful all the time.

Yoga Asana

The yoga asana has been designed in such a way that it holds the cure to many disorders of the body, makes you flexible, de-stress you and gives you a higher clarity of mind. Starting from simple to advanced asana, you will learn it all from our very experienced and qualified yoga teachers. You will be able to practice it later from the comfort of your home. We all know that yoga helps in making your skin healthy and ease wrinkles & thus resulting in slowing down the ageing process.