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Let's Create A New World Of Love With Dr. Deepak Mittal !

Originated in the foothills of the Himalayas, Divine Soul Yoga is an oasis of love, peace, and harmony!

Our beloved master, Dr. Deepak Mittal has specially curated a holistic life-altering wellness solution. At Divine Soul Yoga, the ancient science of life and its secret treasures are revealed with soul-enriching meditation retreats in the lap of nature. Authentic yoga is taught by well-qualified yoga experts; the goodness of Ayurveda, laughter therapy & restorative healing practices are also taught here.

The program is beginner-friendly that even the first-timers can experience deep meditation & unleash the divine power that already resides within each one of us. It constitutes practical techniques that help one activate chakras, attain inner peace, and keeps the person in a state of eternal bliss.

With the daily practice of Divine Soul Yoga meditation, one is connected with the inner self & can attain divine oneness.

The meditation is followed by the experience-based discourses which empower you to create the life you love & the world you love around yourself.

Dr. Mittal believes that divine love is the only gateway to eternal union with God and is the foundation of our meditation program. His vision is to create a global family of Divine Soul Yogis.

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New here? Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, Divine Soul Yoga always welcomes students from every arena and enhances your resilience and perseverance.
Take a step inward and our remarkable trainers will guide you with good care and attention.

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