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At Spirit and Sports you receive personal attention and training at a time that suits you. Do you have a busy agenda, do you need a big stick? Then you’re in the right place at Spirit & Sports! As a motivator with great pleasure in my profession, I will guide you, teach you good techniques and give advice for a fitter body.

✔ Training ✔ Nutrition ✔ Relaxation, are important factors to feel good.

The sessions are outside, in the studio or online.


🙏 Yoga

💥 Strength Training

🥊 Kickboxing

🍽 Nutrition and Lifestyle advice.


Contact: + 31 6 55 69 66 75 


Sandra had an active lifestyle when yoga came her way about 10 years ago. Yoga and meditation give her relaxation, more clarity and peace of mind – her body also felt so much lighter after a yoga class.

Graduated as a Lawyer, but not quite happy in this profession, she knew she wanted to help people, but she was still looking for that. She has had various jobs in law, communication, marketing & event management. Her interest in people and movement was present from an early age.

Her mission is to help people and children feel better through exercise, relaxation and nutrition: less pain, more energy and happier. Movement and breathing are important. A healthy body is a healthy mind.💛

When Yoga came her way, she first practised Kundalini Yoga for a few years and then Poweryoga, Vinyasa/Ashtanga and YinYoga. As of 2014, energetic therapy has taught her a lot, because she is very intuitive. She teaches a lot in Amsterdam and surroundings as a Personal Trainer and (Children’s) Yoga teacher. Reiki 🙌came her way in 2018 and from then on it has gone fast. After Reiki Level 1 and 2, she became a Reiki Master in Nov. 2019. She now also provides Reiki treatments and Frequency Therapy.

Her symbol is the butterfly. The Butterfly represents the process of Transformation. The message of the butterfly is ‘dance through life with pleasure and cheerfulness, because life is there to be enjoyed’. The butterfly reminds us not to take life too seriously. They create a feeling of lightness and cheerfulness, because if you move, you are already dancing. The butterfly teaches us how to consciously change our lives, by creating new conditions and needs. 

She is more then happy to guide you on your path!