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4 Days Rejuvenating Bliss Meditation Retreat by Divine Soul Yoga in Maastricht!!!

23 Jul, 2021 @ 3:00 pm - 26 Jul, 2021 @ 10:00 am

Bliss meditation by Divine Soul Yoga is a powerful way to commune to the Divine within yourself! The root of yoga and meditation is deeply engraved in the soil of India, also known as the land of Spirituality. Our beloved Master, Dr. Deepak Mittal has specially curated a holistic life-altering wellness solution.

At Divine Soul Yoga, the ancient science of life and its secret treasures are revealed with soul-enriching meditation retreats in the lap of nature, real and authentic yoga by our well qualified yoga experts, laughter therapy & restorative healing practices through a few days of complete surrender.

This special holistic wellness retreat consists of practical techniques and anchors that help you achieve a perfect equilibrium between mind, body and soul. Cultivate a life of wisdom and live a supremely victorious journey of life.

Salient features of the retreat:

  • Bliss Meditation: Who says meditation is only for a chosen few?? Learn a super easy meditation which has its foundation in Love. This meditation is specially curated by Master Dr. Deepak Mittal from his spiritual experiences.
  • Divine Healing: It is the amalgamation of both ancient & modern healing techniques. Wouldn’t it be nice if you learn these interesting techniques & become a self-healer. You will discover the Inner power of your soul & enhance the flow of divine energy within you that will shepherd good luck, inner peace, contentment & prosperity in your life.
  • Laughter therapy: Are we missing a very important thing from our lives?? Yes our Laughter!! Laughter yoga (Hasyayoga) is a modern exercise which will induces spontaneous laughter in you. Discover that you don’t really need a reason to be happy and laughing!! Join us for a burst of laughter with crazy fun-filled movements & activities and be happy throughout the day!!
  • Yoga Asana: The yoga asana has been designed in such a way that it will rejuvenate yourself, make you flexible, de-stress you and give you a higher clarity of mind. Starting from simple to advanced asana you will be learn it all from our very experienced and qualified yoga teachers. You will be able to practice it later from the comfort of your home


  • 3 night accommodation in a comfortable luxury room with shower and toilet
  • 3 days Deep Meditation session with insightful discourse on life lesions
  • Laughter Therapy and Restorative healing
  • 2 super fun loaded afternoon with recreational activities
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Advance


Day 1

Friday 24th September 2021
03:00 pm Check in at the reception and call Sandra

  • Welcome introduction
  • Laughter Yoga
  • Pranayam & Yoga
  • Beautiful Discourse by Master (This will prepare you for next morning meditation) and Q&A

Day 2 & 3

Saturday & Sunday 25th & 26th September 2021

  • Deep meditation followed by beautiful discourse.
  • Restorative Healing Sessions (learn the art of intention & energy)
  • Mindfulness activity
  • Extensive yoga & pranayama sessions by our expert yoga teachers
  • Joyful Laughter sessions with Music

Day 4

Monday 27th September 2021

  • Morning Deep meditation & experience sharing
  • Good Bye & keep in touch and keep practicing Bliss Meditation 😊

Meet the Master

Dr. Deepak Mittal

Dr. Deepak Mittal is a 1st generation entrepreneur, philanthropist and a visionary. He is the managing director of International Tractors Limited. Rose from a very humble beginning, he was a son of a government insurance officer. He has reached a pinnacle of success despite all the limitations of money, resources, and being from a small city of Punjab, Hoshiarpur.

Having big aspirations for global business, He started his career as a co-founder of the company from zero. Currently, the company has its global presence in more than 120 countries along with all the EU nations by the brand name Solis.

After achieving great success in career, Dr. Mittal realised that success and contentment (inner happiness) are two different things. He believes that even after attaining great name, fame & luxuries, a person is not necessarily a happy person. Dr. Mittal measures success in terms of holistic happy and healthy living.

After this realization he started his search for internal happiness. He spent his time with great spiritual teachers of India to learn meditation. He studied various spiritual books, spent time in nature and finally could reach a place where he felt that he was happy and successful. His mission is to share & spread this precious knowledge through Divine Soul Yoga. Dr. Mittal has faced many adversities in life. He is aware of the challenges one faces, may it be in personal life or at the professional front. He preaches what he practices in his own life.

With daily practice of these practical techniques, meditations and reading he has integrated the art of happy living in his life. All his workshops are based on his practical experience. He wishes that with his guidance, everyone becomes capable enough to handle their stress, face the challenges of life like a warrior and come out victorious and lead a good quality life!


Sandra Van Donkersgoed

Sandra had an active lifestyle when yoga came her way about 10 years ago. Yoga and meditation give her relaxation, more clarity and peace of mind – her body also felt so much lighter after a yoga class.
Graduated as a Lawyer, but not quite happy in this profession, she knew she wanted to help people, but she was still looking for that. She has had various jobs in law, communication, marketing & event management. Her interest in people and movement was present from an early age.

Her mission is to help people and children feel better through exercise, relaxation and nutrition: less pain, more energy and happier. Movement and breathing are important.
A healthy body is a healthy mind.

When Yoga came her way, she first practised Kundalini Yoga for a few years and then Poweryoga, Vinyasa/Ashtanga and YinYoga. As of 2014, energetic therapy has taught her a lot, because she is very intuitive. She teaches a lot in Amsterdam and surroundings as a Personal Trainer and (Children’s) Yoga teacher. Reiki came her way in 2018 and from then on it has gone fast. After Reiki Level 1 and 2, she became a Reiki Master in Nov 2019. She now also provides Reiki treatments and Frequency Therapy.

Her symbol is the butterfly. The Butterfly represents the process of Transformation. The message of the butterfly is ‘dance through life with pleasure and cheerfulness, because life is there to be enjoyed’. The butterfly reminds us not to take life too seriously. They create a feeling of lightness and cheerfulness, because if you move, you are already dancing. The butterfly teaches us how to consciously change our lives, by creating new conditions and needs.

She loves her job and is happy to guide you on your own journey!

Farooq Abdul Khader

Farooq has 30 years of experience in practicing yoga. He started practicing Iyengar yoga as early as the age of 9 while he was living in India, and religiously followed yoga as a way of living. Later he practiced Hatha yoga to advanced level and then got certified as a yoga teacher (RYT200).

He spent several weeks in Mexico among a group of yogis to understand how the western world adopts yoga. A Production Engineer and MBA by education, he also has experience teaching yoga in large corporate environments. His mission is to bring the authentic and true form of yoga to the world.

He has 500+ hours of teaching experience to a wide variety of audience. He has been an active participant and on-stage teacher for several international yoga day events in the Netherlands. Until Aug-2019, he co-owned a Yoga Center in Amstelveen (The Netherlands) which, he used to spread the yoga and its benefits to the yoga enthusiasts. His classes are mainly in Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin style of yoga along with Pranayama.

For any queries, call at +31655696675


Dormio Resort, Het Wilhelmus 1, 6216 GK Maastricht, Netherlands


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23 Jul, 2021 @ 3:00 pm
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